Beneath the floor you walk upon,

There's a lovely little tribe that's called Gon.

They walk upon a road black and white,

And no one writes with the hand on the right.

No one can imagine with all their might,

the pleasure of watching them have their flight.

Now let me tell you,they're very very shy.

If they see an inch of you, off they'll fly.

So be careful, and go tip-toe

Take a lovely little shovel and a hoe.

Dig and dig till you gently perspire,

you'll see a tiny light like a dim little fire.

Then dig more and more till you've made a big hole.

Don't worry my dear, there won't be a mole.

Now bind your spirit to your soul

And jump into the big little hole(!)

You'll go Wheeee! and you'll go Wooooaaaah!

and fall into a big pink puddle, so

You've gotta be wearing a swimming costume.

Or you'll have a new new pink costume!

Doesn't matter if you're a lovely little girl,

But if you're a boy, you'll be a wind-whirl!

Then just take a look around yourselves

You'll see the Gons lke a thousand elves.......................................

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